9 tips for making fine plunger coffee December 22, 2014 16:55 49 Comments

Oomph coffee is always packed ‘roaster fresh’ within 2 days of being roasted. We grind to order and vacuum pack into special ‘one way valve’ bags which allow the freshly roasted gases to be released, whilst no air enters the bag. So the bags look soft, but are indeed vacuumed air tight to maintain flavour and aroma.

1. Buy your coffee fresh 

Buy your coffee as you would your vegetables – fresh and often. Freshly roasted beans, freshly ground for the best tasting cup.

2. Store in an airtight container

Store opened coffee in an airtight container. To keep longer than a week, store in a cool place.

3. Use the right amount of coffee

Use at least one rounded dessertspoon per cup – 6 spoons per 4 cup sized plunger – is an enjoyable brew strength for most. (For a small 2 cup plunger, use 2 rounded dessertspoons)

4. Add water for weaker coffee

If you want a weaker coffee, add extra water to your cup. Don’t reduce the amount of coffee as the brew will over-extract, have less flavour and body and taste watery.

5. Always use freshly boiled, good tasting water

Use good tasting and freshly boiled water always. Bad tasting water = bad tasting coffee.

6. Pour water that is just off the boil

Pour water that is just off the boil – wait for the bubbles to die down before pouring. Boiled water scalds the grains, producing bitter tasting coffee.

7. Stir well

Stir really well, before replacing the plunger lid and sieve on top of the brew, to hold in the heat whilst the coffee is brewing for two minutes. This makes a more flavoursome and fuller bodied brew as the coffee grinds come into greater contact with the water, thus extracting more flavour, quickly.

8. Push the plunger after two minutes

After two minutes, slowly push the plunger down through the stirred coffee.

9. Keep your plunger clean

Rinse the plunger parts well and scrub away any coffee oil residue as these stains will make the next brew bitter. Reward your acid-loving plants with the used coffee grains.

Remember: Freshly roasted, freshly ground, freshly brewed for the finest tasting and aromatic plunger coffee.