Family Of Oomph 2020 Team May 15, 2020 15:10 34 Comments

Updating the” Family of Oomph” 2020 Team
Left to right in photo.
Josh Press – Admin – With over 7 years experience on the Oomph front line, Number cruncher, bean counter and general all-rounder. 😊
Tim Waddle – Coffee machine broken? Let the “coffee man” fix you up. Tim has a long history with auto electrics and has been in this industry for 5 years.
Sue Dart & Roger Woolley Directors of the Family of Oomph
Roger – Head roaster – Roasts like he used to bat, with flair and perfect timing.
Sue – Director – Sue loves learning all the latest coffee trends and keeps us all on our toes.
Jayden Harvey – Trainee – Our resident computer wiz, who loves packing beans haha. He also gets to escape every now and then with deliveries.
Deb Vickers – Pops in on Fridays so we can all have a long weekend. Always happy to help you above and beyond.