Oomph Newsletter August 2016 August 25, 2016 13:26

To All our valued Clients

We have to decide to do a bi- monthly newsletter to assist you in your business moving forward:


To maintain a regular customer base for your coffee or beverage lovers, consistency is the key.

Some tips to consider:

  • Consider the skill level of your staff when selecting your beverage menu
  • Keep your menu simple and to the standard of your staff skills
  • It is far more impressive than having a huge range that staff cannot  prepare properly
  • Have well documented policies and procedures in place for all staff to follow
  • Make sure these policies are clearly displayed, otherwise they wont be followed
  • Ask your supplier to update training for staff this is the Key to your success
  • Inspire your staff to perfect there work this will be your key to success
  • Always consider your customer base when deciding on your menu of beverage's
  • Remember that your grinder needs to be adjusted daily and sometimes more often depending on things like low or high humidity
  • 14 to 20 grams of ground coffee for a double basket ( depending on the size of your cups) should deliver two 30 ml shots in 25 -30 seconds
  • Always use fresh milk and DO NOT burn the milk 65 to 68 degrees is ideal

What is Magic Coffee?

Some mainland customers have been asking some of our clients for a Magic coffee,

It is a Melbourne born new recipe to add to your beverage menu if you which:

15 mls of Ristretto(meaning Restricted) coffee 

add steamed milk

then add another 15 mls of Ristretto coffee on top


Welcome to our New staff member March 2, 2016 16:08



"Family of Oomph"


The Family of Oomph would like to welcome and introduce our current and future customers to our newest team member our son in law Tim Waddle

Tim has had 25 years’ experience in the auto electrical trade of various kinds including air conditioning in cars

In the short time that he has been with us he has managed to master the skill of coffee machine and grinder repairs and servicing, he has a strong professional work ethic and takes pride in his work.

We are pleased to have him on board as this now means we are a one stop shop for all café client needs.

Congratulations and welcome to The Family of Oomph Tim


Roger, Sue, Josh, Danielle and Jay


Welcome to new Staff Member June 12, 2015 10:38 1 Comment

Welcome to New Staff Member

The Family Oomph Welcomed Danielle Goss to the team in March 2015 as Operations and Marketing Manager.

Danielle is Sue's daughter and will be working 4 days a week, Wednesday being her day off.

Danielle brings to the team some valued expertise in Marketing ,Sales and Public relations, has worked in various fields of Hospitality and Tourism over the years including Barilla Bay Tasmania. For the past 5 years Danielle has been working in the Government enjoying her role as Housing Advisor to the former Human Service Ministers Cassy O'Connor MP and Rebecca White MP. For the past 12 months Danielle has been  addvisor to The Sate Labour Leader Bryan Green MP and his team. Whilst Danielle has been thriving in the political arena, the family business has also been growing and it is now time for her to lead the family business to the next level