Iced Tea Recipes 1 & 2 March 9, 2015 22:43


Enjoy a summer iced tea using Origin loose leave tea flavours or use pyramid tea bags


WILD BERRIES                                            MINTY JASMIN

24 Gr Forest Berry loose leaf tea                   24 Gr Loose Leaf Green Jasmine loose tea

4 cups simmering water                                 ½ cup mint leaves

4 cups of cold water                                       4 cups of simmering water

3 tsp lemon juice                                            ½ cup lemon juice

3 tbsp honey                                                    1/3 cup honey

                                                                        4 cups cold water


  1. Steep loose leave tea in( 80 degrees) water for 3 minutes in the simmering water
  2. Strain the tea(remove loose leaf tea) and pour tea into a glass container with a tap( available from Habitat)
  3. Stir in all other ingredience
  4. Add cold water an ice and keep chilled in a fridge
  5. Serve over ice in a chilled glass