Our Coffee

The Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee story is one of passion and love.

Our love for coffee shows in the excitement we experience each time we order beans through our overseas brokers. We take care, every step of the way, so that the coffee that is finally poured into your cup is infused with our passion to deliver the best.

Jute bags full of coffee beans arrive in our storehouse from all over Africa, south and central America and the Asia-Pacific region. Exotic places and exotic tastes. Some beans are light green, and some are a deep blue/green hue. Coffee brings a special joy, relief, satisfaction and, often, a much needed lift.

It’s more than just a drink.

Coffee is a gift. We do our best to bring out the best properties of these amazing beans to maximize the benefits and the pleasure of fine coffee.

Perfectly selected

We search the globe for estate coffees and micro-lot offerings that are able to stand up to our extreme quality tests. We are looking not only for the highest specialty grades, but for coffee that comes from estates where there is care for the workers and their families. We are particular to purchase only from estates that use sustainable growing practices, and are respectful of the environment. This includes, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Forest friendly, Organic, Shade-grown, Bird friendly, CCCC, and Global Care certified coffees.

Perfectly roasted

The coffee beans are carefully craft-roasted by our roaster. This is not a mechanical process. During the process of roasting we use delicate instruments to measure and to ensure that we are giving each bean variety the opportunity to bring forth the flavour profiles we are chasing. This is an exacting, and very precision oriented procedure.

Perfectly fresh

Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee is packaged fresh off the roaster in one-way-valve bags. Our coffee is hand-packaged, ready to be sent to you the next day.