The Oomph! coffee roasting process

Maximum flavour in your cup comes about through the roasting process. At Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee we use the best of centuries-old roasting techniques together with modern profiling methods that have taken us years to develop. Ask anyone on the Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee team about the roasting process and you’ll see the passion ignite! We love roasting!

There is great pleasure in the aroma of roasted coffee, even in the subtle cracking sounds as moisture is released from the expanding beans, in the dark colour, in the expectation, and in the rich crema in the cup.

The technology behind the taste

Craft-roasting is as much an art as much as it is a science.

Every batch of beans is closely watched, and is carefully monitored for consistency through our stringent cupping system, and our computer controlled New Brigus profiling software. Our roasting plant uses Eclipse burners, a de-stoning system, and a double-walled steel drum.

Each blend and each single-origin has a different roast time and a different profile. A profile is the way in which we manage the rate of temperature rise through the stages of the roasting process. Each phase has an influence on the ultimate taste.

When the coffee reaches the correct temperature, at the precise time, the coffee is released and is cooled on a rotating cooling tray. We do not use ‘water quenching’. Water quenching adds false weight to coffee. It leads to an inferior taste.

Samples are taken from each blend, and each single-origin, to be ‘cupped’ 24 hours later to ensure that the quality of roast and bean are maintained at the Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee standard.

“Oomph! Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee – perfectly selected, perfectly roasted, perfectly fresh.”