About Us

Roger Woolley and Sue Dart

Roger Woolley is very proud and passionate about Tasmania and the lifestyle that can be achieved by all those that love to call Australia home.
It is for these reasons that Roger wants to assist others in achieving a lifestyle that other people around the world can only envy. Roger, and partner Sue are now the proud owners of the Family of  Oomph  Roger’s cricket achievements are well documented, having represented Australia and Tasmania with great distinction. Roger also brings with him a strong background in sales and marketing, complemented by sound negotiating skills, developed through his senior roles in business management and sales.

Rogers  has a “Can-Do“ attitude and one of his great strengths is his ability to make things work rather than to look for reasons why they can’t.

Jays back ground is in sales and customer service.Jay is now the head roaster  for the Family of Oomph

Josh Press  our adopted son to The Family of Oomph, has Certificate 111 in Business and manages all details of the business in relation to order, accounts and customer service.

Danielle is Sue's Daughter and Manages all facets of the business including Marketing and customer service. Danielle's background in the hospitality Industry is very extensive. Ranging from Ball & chain days at 16 to assisting with set up of Barilla Bay's Retail and Restaurants in more recent years.                          For the past 4 years Danielle has worked in the Government as an adviser to Cassie O'Connor and Bryan Green.

Roger and Sue have always acted with honesty and integrity and are committed to ensuring that the Oomph family customers will receive the benefits of these strengths into the future.