About Us

A staple of the Tasmanian coffee scene for over 15 years, Oomph! Coffee Roasters are proudly Tasmanian with every coffee bean sold roasted here in Tasmania for the enjoyment of our loyal customers across Tasmania and mainland Australia.

Current owners, Monique and Andrew, have been putting their ideas and inspiration into action to enhance the Oomph! brand across Tasmania and have recently tweaked the business name to truly reflect what they are all about. Package labels have been refreshed and signage updated as Oomph! Coffee Roasters continue to provide award-winning coffee supported by outstanding customer service and support.

As recently as July 2022, Oomph! Coffee Roasters was awarded Champion Coffee at the 2022 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards for its Santorini blend which has become a popular choice for wholesale and retail customers. In early 2024 Oomph! Coffee Roasters have also added a new blend, Awaken, to their collection of quality coffees. The blend was developed and named  based on feedback sort from their loyal Oomph! customers over the past 18 months.

As a family business Oomph! Coffee Roasters are always striving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in day-to-day operations. Over the past 24 months Oomph! Coffee Roasters have moved to using reusable 3kg tins with wholesale customers, recycled paper invoices, compostable packaging and pay it forward initiatives including giveaway coffee husks and green bean hessian bags to many retail customers who visit the warehouse at Mornington on Hobart’s Eastern Shore.

Oomph! Coffee Roasters workforce remains small, agile and committed to providing friendly service and support to many loyal wholesale, retail and office customers. Monique is in charge of all things machinery (coffee machines and grinders), Andrew is chasing the perfect roast on our IMF roaster and Josh is our ever friendly admin expert working hard in the front office, talking with our customers face-to-face or on the phone.